Can I fit a 2280 M.2 in MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC (Supports 2242 and 2260)

I am from India and there are zero 2242 or 2260 M.2 256 GBs available here. I have this motherboard, I was wondering if it was possible to fit a 2280 in it. The specifications say upto 2260. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out here.
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    No you can't. It's one of the issue of that Z170I board. Only fits 42mm and 60mm long M.2 drives. There were however some that used double-sided tape to mount the longer 2280 M.2 in there, but, that's not recommended of course. Better look at the MSI Z270I Gaming Pro AC -- that one was updated to support up to 2280 M.2.
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