How to change primary display device from PEG to PCIE on MSI Motherboard?

After installing my GPU my screen shows nothing but black. I know this is a common question but all of the other people's answers are "change the primary display device from PEG to PCIE". But I'm new to this stuff so do any of you MSI experts be willing to show me how to do this. I have an A78-E35 V2 if it helps, thank you.
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  1. PEG and PCIE is the same thing.
    PEG is short for PCI Express Graphics.
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  2. :/ then why does my monitor show a black screen when I install my GPU?
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  3. You have to connect monitor to video output of graphics card (not video output on motherboard).
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  4. Did that, but this time the monitor didnt even connect to the video card.
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