HDD recognized in BIOS but not diagnostic toolkit

Hi guys, so i have been encountering problems with the BSOD and if you want a backing story to it, you can find it here.

I ran Seagate's diagnostic tool kit for my Seagate HDD and when searching, it couldnt find the HDD, despite the HDD being recognized in the BIOS.

Does anyone know why or have any advice?

It says on Seagate Troubleshooting for the toolkit that "if a HDD is dead, it cannot communicate with the system or software and will not be detected. A drive with damaged electronics may have the appearance of running but be broken in the ability to communicate with the system. Either of these cases is a failed drive".

With reference to the "cannot communicate with the system or software" and it being a "dead HDD", surely if it was dead and couldnt communicate, it wouldnt come up on the BIOS?

The HDD has worked fine for 3 years until my PC froze and restarted by itself 5 mins later and went to BSOD. As said before, for more info on backingstory and the problem with the RAM, click here.

Many thanks!!!!
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  1. Check health of your HDD with HDtune health. Post screenshot.
  2. SkyNetRising said:
    Check health of your HDD with HDtune health. Post screenshot.

    Once again, that's an application that requires you to be logged into Windows and i cant get past the BSOD.
    I looked up if there is a portable ISO version but there isnt, but someone suggested using "CrystalDiskInfo".
    Would you recommend i use that/would screenshots from that be able to help you diagnose?
  3. Connect it to some working pc as secondary drive.
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