Is 250w too strong for a 300w dell psu?

I have a basic Dell 300w psu that I hope to use for gaming. The total draw was calculated by PCPartPicker which I have heard to be somewhat conservative in it's wattage calculations. My question is could I do some light to medium gaming(fallout 4 on medium, csgo on med-high, subnautica on low-medium, basically just playable) for a week or so until I upgrade my psu while not risking any damage to my pc?


P.s. Sorry if this doesn't belong in components, I couldn't find anywhere else and also I'm quite new.
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  1. You should be okay using the Dell PSU until you upgrade the PSU. No worries.
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  2. It could be very on the edge. You don't specify disk(s) in your configuration and they add few watts too. From what you write it sounds like the Dell is not a new PSU, which means it's peak peformance could have already lowered a bit.

    I would wait with gaming for that one week... For general work/movies you'll be deeply in safe zone, but I don't think week's wait would be worth slightest risk.
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  3. Well since it appears that it is split between yes I'll be good and no I won't be good, how about using the integrated graphics from my Pentium G4560 until I get my psu? Side note, what wattage do you guys recommend?

    Thanks again
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    Running with integrated is power safe.

    As for power, I'd go for 450-550W range (not planning upgrade - planning some upgrade later) and some of the recommended ones:,4229.html
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  5. Agreed on the wattage range. I prefer Seasonic PSUs.

    You really should be fine in the interim. No OCing should be accomplished while using the current PSU. At worst, you pull the GPU and use the iGPU while you wait.

    Good luck.
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  6. Thank you guys so much. I'm really worried about screwing up my first build so just to be safe I think I'll err on the side of caution and use the integrated for now. Thanks again
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