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I've read some other posts that are similar but I got no satisfactory answers. From time to time my SSD (windows install) does a 'mega jump' in amount of available space. 70g worth of a jump. I had 23g free last night, and today all of a sudden I had 93g. Nothing seems missing. This has happened sometime before, and since that space obviously fills up slowly over time, I'm guessing it's some sort of monster temp files. I try and check last modified folders but I can't really see what could take up THAT much space and just disappear without me noticing. How much space can 'previous versions' of the C drive take up and how often to they flush? Could it be that?
Appreciate some help!
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    which version of windows are you on? Its possibly cleanup is run occasionally and its deleting your temp files over a certain age - the new version of win 10 has such a feature, but you have to turn it on I think. SSD deletes files as soon as you do so its not TRIM setting off, though it probably uses TRIM to do the operation.

    gaining 70gb is a big jump though, if you gain so much back each time I would think to run cleanup more often to not get so close to full.
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  2. I'm on 7. Thanks for your reply, as things usually go I found the solution shortly after asking. Might be dumb but I actually had no idea that system restore was using so much space, lowered my disk usage to something more manageable.
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