Pc Restarts When I Try To turn it on

so first of all a month ago i bought a new ram stick but the pc worked fine after that. so i don't think it's from the ram stick.

But a few weeks ago i got that blue screen o' death error. So i got to the local computer service and the guy there told me that there are two things i can do:
1. remove the ram sticks and clean them with pencil rubber
2.remove the small battery on the motherboard, remove all electricity sources turn the pc on and then off, then put everything back.

The blue screen error disappeared, but now the pc restarts whenever i try to turn it on.

I'll Explain In details What Happens
1.i press the button
2. everything turns on (fans,keyboard, etc.)
3.ASROCK logo appears
4. windows boot log appears (there are two options-Start Windows Normally- and -Launch Windows Repair --windows repair does nothing)
5. i select start windows normally
6. windows logo appears
7.pc restarts and everything happens again.

(i'm using windows 7 ultimate)

Please reply fast!!
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    The Windows loader might have corrupted and it always happens with when blue screen error. Reinstall the OS.
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