Unable to fit DVI-I to VGA adapter into GPU

So, I have a DVI-I adapter which I'm trying to insert into my GPU (Zotac GeForce GT 730) but it won't fit whatever I do. I've tried to use a DVI-D to VGA which fits perfectly but doesn't connect to my monitor which is just a VGA input. Here are some pictures

DVI Input:

DVI to VGA Adapter:

So just to clarify, the Adapter isn't fitting into the Input. The other adapter is a DVI-D to VGA but it doesn't display anything on the screen.

Monitors: Both are Belinea Bel2225S1W
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  1. Your answer is very simple. You are trying to connect a DVI-I adapter to a DVI-D port. They are not compatible. I am not sure why your DVI-D to VGA does not display anything though.
    DVI link
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  2. In the image there are two holes below and above the analog part. Even with these, is it still a DVI-D port?
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    It should have been like this. Not small dots but big enough to fit here.
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  4. Thank you, do you have any idea how I could fix the other Adaptor (DVI-D to VGA) so it actually displays something on the screen?
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  5. What is working at some point with that adaptor? Have you tried it on a different PC?
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  6. Yes, I've tried it on another PC and it doesn't work. I even got another adapter which doesn't work either.
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  7. Then it's either a faulty output , or the pci slot that the GPU is seated damaged. Try using a different PCI slot if possible and if it works then it's the PCI, if not, it's the output
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  8. DVI-d is digital and vga is analog so that type of connection won't work without an active converter. I'm not sure what those cables are used for actually.
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