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  1. and i know i dont have the required power cables for the 1080, whaat cable would i need
  2. well it wouldn't say no issue/compatibility issues found at the top of the list it any of the parts weren't.

    but yes, those parts are all compatible
  3. I'd step up to a better wattage (and preferably quality as well) of the power supply to a gold 650 if you can afford another $20. 500 is cutting it a bit close imo.
  4. i cant get another psu mate as ive already bought it, will be upgrading psu in about 3 months at the most. what cable would i need to make a 6pin go to a 8+6 pin
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    You would need to get either a sata (power) to 6(+2) pin or a molex to 6(+2) pin. Those cables connect to the power supply, then you run both the 6 pin and the (6+2) cables to your 1080. This method is basically adding a cable instead of replacing one.

    According to the specs (from a glance), it shows you should already have the proper cables. Look for one that has the 6 pin, with a 6 pin that has a dangling extra 2 pins attached to it. The 6 and 2 go together to make the 8.
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