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I currently have a i7 2700k that isn't overclocked, and I don't want to dabble in overclocking. I also have a MSI B75MA-P45 micro which I've heard is outdated.

My local retailer has a upgrade package including a really good motherboard and a i5 7600. From what i have read it is better than my i7 . The i7 itself has been slowing down recently, and I was wondering if i should upgrade. This pc will be used for gaming mostly, but also some video editing for fun.
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    Not a "great" upgrade, would be better to go to I7-7700 instead to be honest, remember the upgrade will need motherboard and RAM.

    here is compare of the CPu side by side.
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  2. Not a great upgrade, the OC'd 2700k still holds up today, if you were to upgrade at all i'd go for at least an i7 7700/7700k, anything else is kind of a waste.
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  3. Hm... have you looked at why the PC is slowing down as you describe it? I'm thinking that if there's a solution you may not have to upgrade just yet.
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