a problem with motherboards

Hello people,
i ordered i prebuild pc and it has arrived today.
Now i just got one problem, the compony used a MSI Z270-A Pro although I ordered an ASRock Z270 Pro4.

Should i send it back or is there no big difference between them two.

sincerely sebastian
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    I would compare their features on a site like to see if the one you got is missing something you want. They are close in price--the MSI is about $5 more than the ASRock at Newegg. I personally prefer the MSI brand, but they are probably comparable.

    I'd also ask your builder why they didn't comply with what you ordered. Maybe they'll offer a little rebate vs. you returning it.
  2. i dont exactly know what every detail mean when i tried to compare them, thats why i asked here.
    But thanks for the tip
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