Bought a New Laptop. But it's slow and freezes

Recently I bought a new laptop. It's really nice, and has Intel i7. But I've noticed that it's really slow and freezes almost every time. It has an HDD hard drive. Will an SSD help solve my problems. And it makes noises when running. Here's the laptop:
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  1. An SSD would definitely help this laptop. If you are not overly concerned with disk space, a lower capacity 250gb drive are relatively cheap now, so invest in one, and you will definitely notice quicker performance. If you are still getting freezes with an SSD in there....then there may be something else causing it, but the SSD will still help overall.

    Does the noise sound like it is coming from the hard drive, or is it more like a fan?
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  2. Yes, an SSD will help immensely.

    But also, what preinstalled bloatware is in there?
    I've seen brand new laptops brought to their knees by all the competing junkware.

    A wipe and reinstall of the a whole new system.
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  3. As USAFRet has said, bloatware is a major problem on new laptops. I use PC Decrapifer to clean any laptops I'm preparing first. It will find a lot of known bloatware and suggest what you can remove.
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  4. CC2501 said:

    Yes, it's an OK drive. 240GB enough space?
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  5. Yes I think it is, at least for now. Haven't decided though.
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