6 pin pcie to 14 pin

hi guys, i was wondering if there were any connectors that let a 6 pin pcie power connect so that it can fit a gtx 1080 (6pin+8pin)?
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    usually no.
    need a better PSU
  2. That would be a bad idea. If your psu lacks the proper connections for the card you likely need s new psu. A 1080 is going to need more than what your 6-pin was designed for hence why it has an 8-pin and 6-pin port. 8-pin pci-e is specd for 150w 6-pin is half that at 75w.
  3. Agree. Asking three 12 volt wires to provide power that should be done with six = bad idea.

    Get a PSU of adequate wattage with two 6+2 PCIe connectors.
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