Is my cpu bottlenecking (AMD Athlon II X4 630)??

Hey guys

When i play bf4 i have round 40fps on ultra
but when i play it on low i still have arround 40fps.
Do you think my cpu is bottlenecking.

Gpu: Gigabyte Gtx 1050 2GB OC
Cpu: AMD AThlon II X4 630(2.8 Quad core)
Psu: 450watt MS-Tech
Ram: 8gb ddr2
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    I'd recommend you to try using MSI Afterburner's monitoring abilities to find out the %% usage of your CPU in-game. If its always 99-100%, then yes, its a CPU bottleneck.

    Also, you can take a look here:
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  2. Monitor the usage and if the CPU is 98+% consistently and the gpu isn't then there's a bottleneck
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  3. Absolutely. Its an 8 year old chip & wasn't even that fast in it's day

    I'd be happy you can actually play bf4 on it at all.
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  4. OK thanks
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