Platinum psu not working.

I bought a seasonic 860 plat, and installed it. Cpu connectors is a 4×2. 20 +4 is installed correctly, With both pins inserted in the psu mb slots.additionally there is a sata connected. The computer turns on and for a brief moment it powers the fans and dies down. I installed the old psu and it powered like a charm. But i tried to reinstall the new psu 860. And still it is not working. So i changed the batteries on mb. Still nothing. I need help
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  1. did you insert both motherboard cables to the left in the psu?
  2. i have tried the cpu pins in 3 different locations.
    It powers and dies within a second. And as for the Motherboardpins they are installed where instructed. It says MB over the slots. And yes i istalled also fully to the left.
  3. It could be defective (that can happen even with a high quality PSU) or it isn't compatible with your motherboard.
  4. I can check it with another computer just to see if there is a compatabilityproblem.
  5. nonono you're misunderstanding , i got confused by the manual aswell. get a cup of coffee and let me make you it really easy. ill make a nice screenshot
  6. Runs another computer with no problems.
  7. what re your specifications?
  8. Bksl90 said:
    Runs another computer with no problems.

    It's rare, but it sometimes happens. What motherboard do you have?
  9. Asus prime b250m-k
  10. Can the 2×4 cpu cable be faulty ?
  11. It is working flawlessly. It seems i had to be forcefull with getting the 20+4 pin into the motherboard connector slot. * embarrased* thanks for the help nonetheless

    *edit* nope.. thats not it. Connecting sata shuts down the psu... faulty ?
  12. The whole problem was a result of not using the sata cable that came with the power supply.
  13. You're lucky no damage was done.
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