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hey guys, I found a deal for a used palit 1060 6gb dual for 300 Singapore dollars with warranty of course and have gotten an interested buyer willing to purchase my zotac mini 3gb 1060 for 250 SGD. is topping up the S$50 worth it to get double the VRAM, one more fan and better performance?

take note I'm using a G4560 CPU
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  1. Comparing new prices (US at least), the cheapest 6GB variant is around +$60 vs the cheapest 3GB - so what you're proposing is less than that differential (50SGB = ~$45 USD I think?)

    I use a 3GB variant myself, and find it serves me just fine. If you're not seeing any problems, it may not be worth it - but it is a pretty solid deal. The 6GB is the better performer, even before the increased VRAM comes into pay
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  2. hi @Barty1884, 50SGD is actually around 36USD. My stand is that I think the 36USD is okay for the added performance as well as the fan. Besides, I'm not selling my current 1060 3GB at a loss (im actually selling it for SGD2 more than I bought it as I bought it from a sale)

    thanks for your answer!
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  3. Absolutely. Keep in mind that the 6GB 1060 is a different card than just a 3GB 1060 with double the VRAM. Nvidia's marketing of the 3GB vs. 6GB 1060 has caused a lot of consumer confusion. Jump on it and get your future proof 6GB GPU while you can still get decent money for your 3GB 1060.

    The higher the game quality settings and AA, the more the performance spread between the two GPUs shows itself.
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  4. thanks but my doubt about this is if it still offers good price to performance and if the bottleneck is severe with the G4560. I've learnt from the new gamers nexus video that the G4560 pairs pretty well with the 1060 6gb.

    and the rx580 is super expensive in my country and I don't think it'll be good with a g4560
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    The 8GB RX 580 is a stronger GPU but not by that much. When you throw in a factory overclocked 6GB 1060 and overclock yourself on top of it, the gap narrows further. Keep that in mind. Nvidia GPUs generally overclock better than AMD GPUs (same with Intel CPUs overclocking better than AMD CPUs).

    And regarding bottlenecking and your G-series CPU, you will not get the same performance as say out of an i5, but you won't be hindering that GPU by much.
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