First AIO cooler, temp too low?


I just installed my first water cooler(lepa 240 aquachanger) on my FX-6300. Everythings look good but my idle temp are low.

Ambient temp : 20C(68f)

Not doing anything : 30-40C(stock) ___ 5-15C(LEPA) in Fahrenheit 86-104F 41-59F
Using google(1-2 tab open) : 30-40C(stock) ___ 10-20C(LEPA) in Fahrenheit 86-104F 50-68F
Using google(Multiple tab open) : 30-40C(stock) ___ 20-30C(LEPA) in Fahrenheit 86-104F 68-86F
2min stress test : 50-60C(stock) ___ 30C(LEPA) in Fahrenheit 122-140F 68F

These idle temp seems very low are they normal for a water cooler
1/I didn't try to do too much stress testing in case my aio isn't working properly
2/Using Speedfan
Your thought?
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  1. Look like i'm getting normal temp right now, i just forgot that the pump need to powered by a case fans pin
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  2. You should instead use AMD Overdrive to check the more accurate thermal margins (distance to throttle). They should be 10°C or more at full load.
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    AMD's FX CPUs have notoriously weird temperature sensors. It's not uncommon to see impossible temperature readings from them.
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