temperature misreading or thermal paste problem?


I have a Toshiba laptop with i7-5500u and GTX 950M.
I did a CPU stress test this morning using Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility for 30 minutes and the package temperature reached 97 ºC with an average of 93 ºC.
the problem is that the laptop and the air coming from the vents were not hot at all, not even warm.
when I played fallout 4 the game was running fine with an average of 54 FPS until the temperature reached 105 ºC the CPU started throttling every 10 seconds.
while gaming the laptop usually becomes warm, but I think this is due to the GPU.

so, is this a temperature misreading or a thermal paste problem?
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    probably thermal paste tbh, i wouldnt bother going through the major hassle of renewing the thermal paste since thats a pain in the butt to do on laptops.
    honestly i just recommend getting one of these;

    temporily i would just have like a little lip at the bottom since thats where the intake usually is.
    best of luck!
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