Upgrade to 4770k or 4790k from Xeon

I'm a .Net developer (C#/VB) and I'm looking into a few games this year Diablo 3 mainly till MU Legends and Quake Champions are released. Currently have a xeon e3 1281-v3 cooled by a hyper 212 evo with 2 be Quiet Wings 2 PWM fans and was wondering if this will be enough to run those games. If not and I need an i7 will that cooler/fan setup and case fan setup cool it to overclock? This is also my work machine and don't want to drop to an i5.

Other spec:
Mobo: z87 Gryphon with armor kit
GPU: 1050 TI FTW (just bought it from brother for $120)
Ram: 32gb 2133mhz
Storage: 850 Pro 1tb SSD, 4 WD black 1tb HDD (Raid 10)
PSU: 550w 80 plus gold
Case: Fractal Design Define Mini Black Silent Case w/ 4 be Quiet Wings 2 PWM fans (2 intake/ 2 exhaust)
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    Your Xeon is basically already a pretty good i7, so there doesn't seem to be any need to upgrade. Not unless they make a game that demands more than 8 threads.
  2. Yes that I know it was mainly the option to over clock to say 4.5Ghz will I see an improvement from my Xeon to justify the upgrade.
  3. The performance increase wouldn't justify the cost of a new CPU. Those games also don't need a highly OC'd CPU, They're low endish games.
  4. Awesome thanks
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