Cables for modular psu?

This is my first build so I know next to nothing, especially when it comes to cables. Can someone please explain to me, in VIVID detail, what cables I need? Because I am absolutely clueless. Here's my build excluding one or two HDD, 1 optical drive, and up to 5 120mm fans.

Psu-620W Seasonic M12II 620 Bronze 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply SS-620GM


Thanks in advance
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  1. Are you planning to buy the M12II? Or you already have it? The M12II platform is a couple of years by now (Not bad in term of performance)
  2. I honestly have no clue what the m12II platform is. Sorry, I am very, very new to the realm of modular psu's. Are you referring to the the psu as a whole or a separate piece of hardware?
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    If you are planning to purchase that power supply, a better option would be EVGA G3 since it's newer (750W or above since it comes with a 10 year warranty, or 7 years if 650/550W models. It's better to have 3 more years of warranty IMO)

    Or if you want something cheaper, EVGA B3. Both are fully modular, and come with all cables. Plug any that you want to use. Both on a newer Super Flower platform I believe.
  4. 620W Seasonic M12II is not a bad power supply, I have a 520W version of it. It's just, there are better value PSU's out by now.
  5. The Seasonic M12II PSU comes with all the power cables you will need to hook power up to your computer.
  6. It will come with all the cables you will need. The cables are labeled and the psu is as well. It will depend on your components which cables you will need to use.
  7. If there are better value psu's out there, could you guys recommend some? The reason I was going with the Seasonic is because it was on sale. Preferably <$50 and at least 450 watts.
  8. Here's a good quality Psu . Also the cx450m from corsair is good. The m12ii is good, just a little old.
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