Computer crashed during CPU stress test after 10 seconds at 60% capacity

Hi, I have an issue where my computer will freeze and the only way to start it again is to reboot.
This happens whenever I load a either intensive game or run a couple stress test. GPU test has not incurred this happens effect.
The computer will run fine for hours when watching Netflix or browsing the web, but any demanding game will crash it within 10 minutes.

Asus sabertooth 990fx v3.0 board (brand new)
CPU: and fx9590 (brand new)
(I just replaced these parts within the last 2 weeks to try and fix the issues)
GPU: amd r9 280x
Ram: 2 x 4gb hyperx blur
PSU: Corsair cx750

Done so far:
-GPU stress test for an hour, no issues.
-Memory diagnostics test, no issues
-Inspected motherboard for any thermal paste, non found.
-Checked PSU had the power available to cover all components, no issues.
-Actively monitored GPU and CPU temps (both running max 60C)

I've pretty much done everything is can think of and its cost me a good few hundred pounds so really need some help.
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    Latest bios? If not update and retest. Also change power settings from balanced to performance.
  2. I'm an hour into gaming and it seems to have worked! Thank you so much will let you know if anything changes
  3. No problem and if you have more tech qustions please come back to tomshardware.
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