Gtx 1070 with Acer xb270hu or get a 1080p 144hz

I currently have Amd ryzen 5 1600 and a gtx 1070. Is my graphics card good enough for the acer xb270hu (1440p 144hz) or should i get a 1080p 144hz monitor?
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    Well if you can afford to get that 1440p monitor go for it, that monitor is close to 800 dollars most 1080p 144hz monitors dont come near that price. Are you asking if its worth the money? Well that is subjective but in my opinion no its not for most people, you will be paying an early adopters fee for any highly responsive 1440p high refresh rate IPS monitor. And there are many reported issues with those LG 1440p 144hz panels like the Acer xb270hu uses, such as excessive backlight bleed and dead pixels on many samples. If you are an enthusiast who is willing to drop 700 dollars plus on a monitor, go for it, I am I bought the Asus PG279Q which also uses the same LG 144hz ips panel. I quite like it, but would I say its worth 700 dollars? No not really, my addiction to nice electronics made me buy it lol.

    If you are asking if you system can handle 1440p, yes a 1070 will play almost all games games at max settings or close to it with very respectable framerates at 1440p. I am using a 1060 at 1440p and I am happy with how it performs, I get more than 60fps maxed or close to it in all the games I play. In older games I can hit 144fps no problem. BF4 for example runs at well over 100fps constantly with a 1060 and 7700k maxed out at 1440p.
  2. I agree to all of the above.

    Only the panels aren't made by LG but AU Optronics
  3. Yeah great system for 1440p. Not saying youll hit 144hz in everything, but still well worth going 1440p.
  4. Thanks ill most likely be getting it i play PUGB, csgo, lol, starcraft2, bf1 and overwatch
  5. Isokolon said:
    I agree to all of the above.

    Only the panels aren't made by LG but AU Optronics

    Oh yeah, my mistake.
  6. Shouldn't be a problem in csgo, overwatch, lol
    BF1 uses every last ounce of power you got in your pc. But tbh it's hard to achieve 144Hz in BF1 from a CPU point of view. You'll have to tweak some settings (AA is more and more useless as the resolution increases anyway) but should be fine. Should deliver comfortable frames nonetheless
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