PC Won't Turn on After Build!!! Please help!!

So I am fairly new to building computers. I decided to upgrade so I bought new parts. I spent 3 hours building and then I went to turn on the PC, nothing turned on! The fans didn't spin or anything. The only thing that happen was the motherboard led turning on and then it turned into red. Hoping to find any help.

AsRock x370 Killer motherboard
Gigabyte GTX 1050 ti 4gb
Crucial DDr4 8gb ram
750w Modular PSU
1TB Seagate Hard drive
NZXT Glossy Black case
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  1. Baring some DOA part, check and recheck everything, case and PSU connectors etc. Take out of the case and assemble just main parts outside. Reset CMOS if you didn't do it already. It shouldn't happen but check looks like it needs BIOS v P2.0 to work with "X" processors.
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    For POST issues, generally speaking, check:
    See if there are any steps which can help your particular case.

    With Ryzen, as far as I'm aware and I'm not sure how much of an issue it still is, the RAM can be an issue. According to your motherboard:
    I would suggest checking your RAM against that list (it should be filtered out for Crucial).
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