750w PSU not enough for 1070GTX SLI?

Hello, I need need help on this one. I am building a 4k gaming pc to get some decent fps.

Specs: MSI Z270 krait gaming Motherboard
CPU Intel i7 7700k
GFX 2x MSI GTX 1070
Ram 16GB DDR4
an SSD, a HDD, I have some extra fans installed for better cooling. so here'S the problem (I think)

I bought a 750W PSU from EVGA, it's a supernova G2 80 gold, because I've read that it should be enough for this setup. But after like.. 4 hours of playing TW3, it kinda stopped working, and now I can't even turn it on. It actually did the same thing with my older PSU, before I bought this one.
I've had only problems with this sli setup, might as well get a 1080... Anyway, I would appreciate some advice, thanks.
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    That is enough power for 2X 1070's (this is not saying the PSU did not fail)
    About a 500 watt PC running a full system stress test.
    But yes you would be better off selling both cards and buying a GTX 1080ti for 4K gaming.
  2. Hey, thanks a lot for replying so fast. Also, I should mention that it kind of.. I do not know how to describe it in english, like when you're turning your pc on and off really quickly, it was.. flashing? Could not even turn off my pc, not even from the PSU switch. Had to pull it from the .. wall socket.
  3. Why would you turn the PC on and off quickly even.
  4. I would not, I was merely describing what kind of things it was doing. When playing TW3 it happened, screen was flashing and then it went off. Ahh nevermind, looks like nobody can help me, <<blank>> this SLI nonsense, Imma go for a single 80ti card.
  5. This thread required several edits for inappropriate language. Keep it clean, please. Thank you.
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