Opinions wanted pls for first build: 1070, 1600x, s340 elite

Hi, this is my first build.

It will be primarily be used for website design and 144hz gaming on games like overwatch and maybe AAA titles such as GTA.
I focused more on aesthetics more than price for performance. Please give feedback xD! Below is an explantion of why i chose each part.

Ryzen 1600x, wanted more cores than the intel i5 7600k provided so yeah. will it bottleneck a 1070?

x52, will be overclocking and it looks very nice. Also a question, can I use the provided fans as intake for my case and how good are they, does anyone know?

RGB ram: not the cheapest but will look dope. I want 16gb to be future-proof

MOBO: asus, good quality.

Storage: 1 ssd for fast boot times and a secondary hard drives for lots of files.

GPU: I really like the white and aparently its also really powerful.

Case: S340 is really cool and tempered glass.

Psu: I probs wont need 650W but its good quality and i wanted 80+ and modular which I cant find for 500W ish so yeah.

Wifi card: really far from modem, so necessary.

Fans: do I need them, or should i use the 2 provided in the case as exhause and the 2 on the x52?

Monitor: this is quite new, does anyone know anything about it?

Sleeved cables: I need help with this. I just want the gpu 8 pin pcie and the 24pin mobo extension sleeved like in this build ( without spending too much. Do you guys know anywhere where I can get cheap? Preferably white.

Also with the x52, it includes a custom fan header and a micro usb cable to plug into the water blco. How do I manage those cable so it doesnt end up like in ?
Additionally in my PCPartPicker buikld, it lists a problem at the bottom of the GPU not fitting the case despite obviously being smaller than the S340's max clearance, even with a radiator. In addition in BitWit's build on youtube ( ) He used the same GPU and case and it was fine. So... is it just a mistake?
Finally, should I wait for vega/ End of Finaancial Year deals?

Thanks for any feedback!
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