AMD Radeon vs Nvidia Geforce ... which one is better ?

I want to buy a low end/mid end graphics card ....
Some people says Geforce is better than Radeon and some people says Radeon is better than Geforce ...
I am totally confused.....
Welll here are my choices for a low budget gpu ...
Sapphire R7 250 2GD5 (128 bit )..
Sapphire HD 6670 (128 bit )...
MSI GT 730 2GD5 ( 64 bit )..
Gigabyte/ MSI GT 740 2GD5 ( 128 bit ) .....
My current specs :
Cpu- i3 3220 ..
RAM - 8 GB ...
Gpu - msi gt 430 ....
I play games like COD , BF 3,4,1 ..
and so on ...
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  1. right now AMD is better for mid range (biger price to performance ratio) and Nvidia is the best at high-end products for gaming on higher resolutions than 1080p. Your chosen cards are from the bottom of the low end tier :| you will need to invest more to get a playable experience on such games.
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    for those games neither the r7 250 or the old 6670 will do great at over 720p

    i know because i have a r7 250

    the gt 730 is a joke, forget it

    the gt 740 is close or perhaps a bi better than the r7 250 but not by much

    consider trying to find a gt 1030, it should be at least double of the gt 730

    form amd, the current cheap gpu is the rx550, almost the same as the gt1030 but is more expensive, perhaps a price drop cam make it more attractive

    if you are finding those cards by buying locally only, not online purchase, try to find a r7 350 or a r7 360

    from nvidia a gtx 750 should be alot better than the gt 740 which is barely better than the gt 730, which is a watch netflix and youtube videos in reality
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  3. None of listed. Save some money for GTX 950 if find brand new one or look for second hand 660 or 760. Do not consider second hand Radeons.
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