Asus A68HM-K 2400MHz RAM under-performing at 1600MHz

I recently put together my first PC. I bought the following:

CPU: AMD A10-7850K at 3.7GHz
RAM: 8GB DDR3-PC3-19200 Hyper Savage 2400MHz
Motherboard: Asus A68HM-K
PSU: Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 460w

I am able to use the PC, after installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and going through all the new updates. Now I just wanted to overclock my RAM so that it performs at 2400MHz. My RAM at the moment is only running at 1600MHz and not the normal 2133MHz which doesn't need overclocking (According to Asus). I do not intend to overclock the APU.

So this is what I've done after researching for a bit... went to the AI Tweaker, set something to D.O.C.P which is apparently XMP for AMD hardware, and then selected 2400MHz for the RAM instead of 'Auto' my RAM is also just one stick. So after restarting, I check the main dashboard of the BIOS and it does say the memory is 2400MHz but beneath it, it shows the RAM sticks info and it says 1600MHz. Have I not set this up correctly? I'm new to this, so I didn't touch anything I didn't understand. I am just confused on what to do from here... only reason I'm doing this is to maximize the integrated GPU's ability.

Any reply is appreciated! Thank you!!
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  1. Use CPU-Z and from its Memory tab read value of 'DRAM frequency'. It should be 1200 (more or less, does not have to be exactly).
  2. Hey DRagor! Thanks for the reply, this is what CPU-Z says...

    Memory > DRAM Frequency = 1199.7MHz
    But under SPD it says something else...
    Max Bandwidth = PC3-12800 (800MHz)

    So it's contradicting?? It's confusing the hell out of me... if I could post a picture I'd show you what the BIOS says about the RAM.

    Part number = KHX2400C11D3/8GX
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    It's all ok then. 1199.7 is current speed (doubled for DDR, so 2399.4 or almost 2400 as intended).
    On SPD tab, it's listed standard, non overclocked value (800x2 = 1600) for those sticks.
    You ram is currently running at 2400, just as it should.
  4. "(800x2 = 1600) for those sticks."

    Sorry, just making sure. I only have one stick of 8GB. From your reply it sounds like you believe I have 2? I pressed validate to get a page of the specs on the site

    Thank you so much for the help
  5. Nope, it does not matter how many sticks. DDR just lists its basic speed as half it's true speed.
  6. Thanks for the help, I'm convinced it's running at 2400MHz. :)

    Have a nice day
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