CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to Run Setup

I just received an American Megatrends error message stating: CPU Fan Error! Press f1 to Run Setup; however, when I press f1 I CANNOT enter setup. Also, when I tried starting a warmor cold start the ASUS displays a message to press F2 or DEL to enter setup, but neither of these will allow me to enter the Setup screen. The PC has been running for months without any problems and nothing has changed. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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    Make sure the keyboard works fine. Check whether the keyboard is connected to a USB 3.0 port if it is, move the keyboard to a USB 2.0 port. Try resetting the CMOS.
  2. Thank you anbu13. The keyboard is working (I can CTRL-ALT-DEL) to reboot.
    I have since allowed the PC to attempt a normal boot up following the ASUS opening screen that displayed the Press F2 or DEL to enter setup and to my surprise Windows 10 loaded and then updated itself to the latest version. I plan to make a Windows System Image and then continue to troubleshoot. Thanks for the CMOS resetting suggestion
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