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Hey toms hardware community!

A friend of mine has had ongoing issues for months with his pc he's owned for about a year now, where it randomly just shuts off without warning or bsod, just a black screen. It seems to occur more frequently now and it is not consistent enough to pinpoint the exact error. Sometimes it happens within 10 minutes of opening a game or two hours of browsing the web, somemtimes 10 minutes of browsing the web and then the pc shuts itself off. I've had several temperature monitoring programs running for him and nothing seems to hot around 40-60 celsius on average can idle around 20-30. A few months ago I checked all his fans and reapplied a drop of thermal paste to his cpu to make sure it'd stay cool. That did not solve the issue and today I thought maybe his power supply could be dying as that's happened to me in the past and replacing the psu fixed the issue, however for him it did not solve it at all. I've been running some stress test and for memory and GPU tests, nothing happens for 10-15 minutes except the computer being pushed to its limits but not to the extent of shutting down. However, when I run a CPU stress test (prime 95) after 5-10 minutes sometimes as early as 3 the cpu will reach 85-88 degrees celsius almost to the 90 degree tj max and shut down. Does anyone have advice on what we should do at this point on how to solve it? Not even 100% sure it is the cpu failing as it never reaches even close to those temps outside of a stress test but still randomly shuts down, even when idle.

Thanks for all contributions! Sorry for the big wall of text, I just really want to sort this out without buying all new parts just for trial and error, the psu will be sent back and refunded as it did not solve the issue.

I would like to add that I do not know all of the specs of the computer as it is not mine, just trying to help a friend.
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  1. When dealing with a thread of troubleshooting nature, it's customary to include the full system's specs. Please include them as:
    CPU(& CPU Cooler):
    OS: Windows 10.

    On that note, have you made sure your BIOS is up to date?
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