Gaming/Miner Build: Ryzen, give me your opinion on selection?

I am looking for help on the build of a dual purpose PC, im kinda leaning at the Ryzen 1700 over Intel due to it can be easily overclocked to 4.0Ghz/core if i want to.....

I am more than likely going to build this PC inside of a 4U Rosewill RSV-L4500 case, i just got done building a miner with this case and the 5 x GTX1080ti's GPU's being mounted in the front on riser card extensions run significantly cooler (10c less) than the 2 GTX running on my main motherboard mounted in the X16 slots.

The other option is just to run 2 cards in SLI in my current owned HAF X case i have my current gaming PC in and just reuse this case, its been a good gaming case for me for 7+ years now....just worried about running 2 GTX1080ti's in SLI in regards to temps....

Either case route.. if i go with the HAF X case ill probably only run 2 GPU's in the case due to the limits of full length PCIe slots...if i go the 4U route, i was thinking of running 2 GPU's in SLI in the rear of the case on the MOBO directly and then use risers to put 3 more in the front of the case...

I want this rig to be my main gaming rig when i want to 4k Game, currently i game 4k with 2 GTX1080ti's, but the mobo doesnt support sli, so i only game on 1, then when im not gaming i have it mining away for me..

What do you guys think?.....

Crap the above motherboard is wrong, i meant to select this..
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  1. yes it looks i would lean more towards ryzen at the moment as well at least untill intel gets its mind out of the gutter
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