2x 140mm Intake Fans and 1x 120mm Exhaust Fan

In my NZXT 340 Elite im thinking about having this but i dont know if i should go all 120mm fans or 2 140mm fans and 1 120mm fan (The rear of the case is for 120mm only)
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    Well, though it doesnt make too much of a difference, but since the fans are relatively inexpensive, i would prefer the bigger of the two for that little but of extra cooling. More surface area = more cfm = more air processing. Two of these would be ideal and wouldnt pinch my pocket...
  2. Always go bigger when you have the option of space, because as pointed out, more cfm, but also follows that you get same cfm for lower rpm and lower rpm means less noise. Also deeper noise when you do hear it. Small fans like 92 mm or less, sound like mosquitoes when ramped up which is super annoying.
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