Use SATA to IDE adapter with Floppy drives

I have a cheap SATA to IDE adapter in my computer wich i used for some old IDE HDDs and it worked flawlessly. I then wondered if i could use the SATA to IDE adapter for my old floppy drive too? I was thinking of just plugging in an floppy IDE cable to the adapter but i dont know for sure if it will work? I understand that a few pins of the IDE adapter wouldnt be in use but would it work anyway? Please tell me if anyone have had any experience with something like this before. :)
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    Floppy drives generally did not have the same number of pins as IDE(or talk the same language).

    A USB floppy drive may be a better option(since it will work).
  2. an ide hard drive and floppy drive do not have the same number of pins so that would not work. Like nuke said, just pick up a cheap usb floppy drive and use that. I have a stack of them at work since one of our old CNC machine still uses floppies to load its program.
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