My new graphics card isn't working correctly

I just upgraded from a GT 730 a GTX 1050 andafter installing it and its drivers it hasn't been working right. At first it would shut down the computer randomly, with or without a game running. I updated my windows 10 and it fixed that problem. In terms of performance, it hasn't been working right at all. It performs worse than my GT 730 and has a choppy frame rate and at times slightly better. I tried playing a youtube video while having Unturned run in the background and the video froze and the video turned green (a solid green covering the space of the video). I haven't been able to figure out if there's a problem or if my bad parts are holding it back. I have an FX 4300 cpu.
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    Uninstall EVERYTHING related to nvidia using DDU, (Display Driver Uninstaller), then triple check you have the right drivers for your system from here, and download / install them again
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