Corsair CX750M psu dead?

I had a 400w psu which i upgraded to a corsair cx750m.

When i plugged in the new psu, my mobo light does not come on and the pc doesn't turn on. I did the paper clip test on the corsair and the fan on the psu spun.

I swapped back to my old psu and once it was plugged in the mobo light came on and the pc turned on.
I'm a bit annoyed as everyone recommended a decent psu like corsair and now my pc doesn't turn on.
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  1. Hello... tell us about your MB/computer you are trying to use this new power supply with?
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  2. The motherboard is a hp e93839

    Intel i7-4770 3.4ghz
    16GB DDR3 Kingston Ram
    x1 MSI GTX 770 Twin Frozr 2GB
    x1 MSI GTX 770 Twin Frozr 2GB (sli)
    1TB hard drive
    500GB hard drive
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  3. Yes, I'd be curious as well...

    (Concerned the case/header bundle is propieitary, but, still possible any part could be DOA....
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  4. After more research it seems that the 20/24 pin motherboard connector may not be a standard connector and more a proprietary one
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  5. Hello... Yes... OEM and 'dell" "HP" will use 'non ATX standard wiring on their systems... it is a easy fix tho... just re-pin the the NEW power supply to the Old one... the Wire colors/code should be Standard between them... your lucky you didn't blow your MB up B O... older "Dell MB models' would with a standard ATX replacement.

    Compare the wire colors and placements between the 20/24 pin connector B ) there is a way to 'release" the pins from the connector... take a digital of both connectors both de-pinning them... so you can have a reference later if you get confused.
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  6. So will i need to rearrange my psu's 24pin connector to match the motherboards 20pin connector?
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  7. Hello... I would look at it like this... you need to match the NEW ATX MB connector with the OLD "HP" MB connector wire colors ... B D not that hard... it will only be a few different wire locations I'm sure B /

    OR... you can just return it... and keep using your existing "HP" power supply...

    OR... your can get a "Brand name ATX MB (ATX case too?) and put your CPU and RAM into it.

    There are many option to get/re-use OEM parts into a "standard" case computer B D ...I had to do it once and never went back to OEM again. I have done this to a lot of OEM computer owners in the Past.
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  8. I may not just go off color.

    Does this image seem right for the hp z230 header...

    Its for the z240 but im guessing its the same

    And this is a standard atx layout:
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    Hello... Can you provide me with a couple Digitals of the "HP" power supply MB connector? let me see the wire colors on both sides and also a top view of it.

    There are international "color" codes for the Voltages... and they can vary from country to country too.
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