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Hey everyone I'm looking too upgrade my PC's motherboard. I have an i5-6500 and an older i7-2700. Is it better to use the newer i5 or the older i7. My current Pc I'm trying to upgrade is i5-4670... Gtx 1060... Rm750 PSU... 2x hyperx fury 4gb ram.. On the asus z87-pro motherboard. I could probably use some more ram aswell.
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    With what you have now, I would not bother with upgrading the CPU and go through the hassle of re-building the system. You are looking at a very small upgrade by going to a newer CPU, you would need to run benchmarks to see any difference and I doubt them will be even 10% better in real-world tests.

    I would upgrade the RAM to 16 if you want, and instead of going with a new motherboard, get a nVidia 1070, you will see better improvement there I think and can run at better settings at higher refresh rate or resolutions. Say 1440 at 144hz. Or keep what you have and get a better monitor/keyboard/mouse or whatever. Or buy 100 cheeseburgers.
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