GPU fans at 100%, but BIOS won't detect graphics card

i had bought a new sata cable, so installed in in the computer. i turned it back on, the GPU fans hit 100% and the screen was black. So i switched to on board graphics and went into BIOS to check if it was still recognizable. It wasn't recognizable. i tried downloading new drivers, resetting BIOS, switching back to old cable,switching PCIE slots, and none of that worked. any solutions?

Asus Strix 1070
Asus Z170-A mobo
EVGA T1 750 PS
16 GB 2133 MHZ ram (4x4)
Corsair Force 480 SSD
KIngston 120 SSD
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  1. Test your card on a different pc. On any other pc that you can find and see if bios detects it. If yes you need to rma your motherboard. Hope I helped. :)
  2. Update the bios
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