What's a good gaming graphics card for $50 and under

What's a good gaming graphics card for $50 and under that can run Overwatch and Grand Theft Auto 5
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  1. no such thing.
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    There are none really.
    Save up $79 for an RX 460, that's the minimum you want to go for.
  3. Of course there are cards :) They just draw a bit of power, but if you're okay with using a 6 pin power connector, you can get a 660 TI for about 50 USD. That will run Overwatch just fine, and should run GTA V at okay settings.

    Can't really expect alot when you are on a budget, but i would say a 660 is better value for the money than a RX550
  4. The 550 is awful.
    However, the 660 Ti still holds up.
    Could you link to this supposed $50 660 Ti?
    Sounds like a good deal, I doubt it's new though, and used for $50 can get you better.
  5. It might be a moot point. Without a decent CPU, no card is going to run GTA V well. Overwatch is a bit more forgiving in that area. Not many people looking at $50 videocards have capable CPUs.
  6. Any CPU that isn't 10 years old will be fine.
    Even then some chips can handle a GPU like the 1050/RX 460 just fine.
  7. Well, the 660ti is not exactly 50 usd. I found one on Ebay for $65:

    But if you look on craigslist and stuff, i'm sure you would find someone with a similar card that you could get for 50.

    Most CPUs will be fine as long as it's not a Celeron or some cheap office computer crap from 2008
  8. Just save for an RX 460, practically performs the same as a 660 Ti.
  9. Yeah i would save for an RX460, but i think he should go for the 660 ti if he can get it really cheap. I bought a 660 off someone for 15 once :P Put it in my brothers computer for him to play Minecraft and Overwatch
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