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I have an old HDD which I've stopped using because it froze upon login but now I need to access it.

After I login by entering my password, the task bar will load but it will freeze and the time will stop counting, my wallpaper sometimes loads but most of the time it will be plain black. I can't even use ctr+alt+delete. I can move my mouse and when I hover over the task bar it shows that it is loading. I can't enter safe mode because the same thing happens - nothing loads, only the task bar but it's frozen. I can only enter safe mode with command prompt. I've tried restoring to an earlier point but there is a pdf file on the desktop that I really need so I'm scared it'll be gone if I restore to an earlier point.

I've tried typing sfc /scannow onto cmd in safe mode but it stopped at 47% and said 'Windows resource protection could not perform the requested operation'

I literally just need a file.

If anyone has any ideas please feel free to contribute.
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  1. Although system restore can change all your system files and programs, it will not delete or modify any of your personal files or data stored on your hard drive. For instance, if you have stored your documents or pictures in the “My Documents” folder located in the C drive and later restored your system, the files will not be affected in any way and are kept intact throughout and after the restoration process.

    Try it but I'm afraid restore point won't help. You need to make a bootable flashdrive with software package that has file manager, e.g. Hiren’s BootCD 15.2.
    You boot from a flashdrive, see a list of software, start a file manager (e.g. File Wizard), navigate to your file and copy it to flashdrive.

    That's the way i would do it. Hiren’s BootCD has instructions to make a bootable USB drive and a list of software included with explanations on the website. Just google.
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