help with dvi-d to htmi [HDMI] active converter!

i really need help finding an active dvi-d to hdmi converter, to hook up my old analog monitor to a 1050 ti. and links would really help, im pulling my hair out searching, its all vga converters or just dosent say active
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    I'm using it and it does what it's supposed to. It's on my second crappy old Dell office monitor.
  2. works wwith a 1050?
  3. Yes, it works with a 1050.
  4. Dvi-d to hdmi doesn't require an active adapter/converter as both signals are digital.
    If your monitor is analog then it likely uses VGA(unless it it extremely old) not HDMI(only supports digital).
    Whats the make and model of the monitor?

    Sorry IAmTheTofu didn't mean to downvote you(danged mobile site).
  5. it has vga and dvi-d, i checked its a dell cant figure out the model number
  6. i have both connections on the back, and a button to choose auto detect, analog or digital
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    Most 1050 Tis have dvi-d ports. If yours doesn't or its in use get a displayport or hdmi to dvi-d adapter. Since Dp, hdmi and dvi-d are all digital a simple passive adapter or cable is all you need.
  8. yes the evga one i looked at has a dvi-d port
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