Question regarding ram.

I got this pc recently:

But it only has 2gb ram.

according to the specs it supports PC2 6400 ram

I have two weird sticks of ram lying around that ive never used. Both made by ocz and have heavy metal heatsinks on them. Look like they were high quality back in the day. They are labled PC2 6400 1gb dual Ch flexXLC 3-4-4 (PN OCZFX800C32GK).

They fit in the free slots but when i start the pc it just bleeps over an over again in about half second intervals and doesn't get to bios.

Anyone have any idea whats happening?
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  1. look up the "beep codes" on the HP support site
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    try 1 stick at a time, make sure they all work.
    try both matching sticks together.
    there is no guarantee that the RAM will work together.
    compare the beeps to the beep codes here
  3. hi all... checked one at a time... one bleeps the other doesn't... im guessing its fried. Anyways... managed to boast my system by a gid so im happy with that.

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