Issues with i7 7700k temps

Hi all, I have the nzxt h440, asus prime z270-p(will be changed in a month or so), I7 7700k @ 4.8ghz useing 1.35v but can jump to 1.40, gtx 1070 and a corsair H115i, idle temps are around 29c and 100% load temps on core hit 75-85, package can hit 70-90 with average of 80c, is this ok or should it be lower with the H115i ? If I up the clock I can run 5.0ghz but it seems to push the volts up to 1.45v or more ?
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  1. Never mind soreted it out myself not that anyone helped, now running aida64 and prime95 full tilt @4.9ghz with temps of 65c to 75c max with ram running at 2500mhz(2400mhz).
  2. And what was your solution?
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    Mysticking32 said:
    And what was your solution?

    Hi there, I found under volting it a bit either in bios or in softwere helped drop the temps for me, also custom fan curve helped I think
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