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Hi ,
Recently looking to upgrade my PC and I've already decided on buying a 1050ti for the gpu .
I can't decide on which cpu to buy yet but I know I want to buy used as you can get the best value for performance.
What would be the best used cpu and motherboard combination for under £170 (about 220 USD) - I'll be looking to play games on the PC and nothing else apart from browsing the web
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  1. CORE i5 2400 and ASUS H61-M seem to hold their ground decently enough for their age.
  2. I've seen an i5 3570k with P8Z77-X LX2 and 8gb of ram on eBay for £160 (don't really care about the ram but it's a bonus) should I buy that or is there anything better I can get for the price ?
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    Any sandy bridge or newer i5 and mobo will do well
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