PSU Question (What Wattage to get)

System spec:
Xeon x5660 2.8Ghz 6 core
12GB DDR3-1600 (Running 1333) RAM (2x2GB and 2x4GB)
2x120GB SSD
ATI Radeon HD5770 Graphics Card
PCI-e x1 USB 3.0 card requiring 4 pin molex power connector
Intel DX58SO Motherboard (with 2 AUX Power connectors - 1 SATA 1 Molex - and 8-pin ATX12V CPU connector)
No overclocking enabled and not intending to use it to be honest and it is unlikely I will decide to use SLI/Crossfire either as I don't need it.
What wattage PSU would people recommend for this?
I have looked at a couple of PSU calculators and have got the same answer from them all - around 450W is the max power draw of the PC apparently but I want advice from fellow techies to make sure. Whaddya think peeps?
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    I would go at least 600W. You will be shure not to get over the advised limit of 80% load and it would be more than enough to power that.
    Just make shure it is a quality psu. And it will even last when you decide to upgrade to other components.
    And if you go something like 700W (although a bit overpowered) the psu will run allways cool with little to no need to turn on the fan wich mean it will also be more silent.
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