Reboot during some games and GPU stress tests

Hello all. I've reached the end of my IT knowledge, and was wondering if y'all could help me with my issue. The problem first occurred a few weeks ago, when my computer rebooted while loading into the lobby of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds after I had been gaming for a few hours already. It was a hard reboot, no BSOD or error message. After a few tries, during which my computer rebooted while loading the game, everything was fine. Two days ago, the same problem occurred again, and I have not been able to load the game since. It will also reboot during heavy GPU stress tests (I had a reboot after around a minute of a Furmark GPU stress test, and instant reboots during a OCCT GPU stress test at higher than 100 FPS and PSU stress test). Lighter stress tests, like Heaven benchmark and Furmark at 60 FPS did not cause a reboot and my temps plateaued around 80C, and my TDP was around 90%. From what I can tell, the reboot occurs when my GPU tries to draw full power. I ran a windows memory diagnostic test with no errors, and Prime95 and OCCT CPU stress tests for an hour each without any problems. Some other information worth noting is my voltages from HWMonitor seem a little off, namely my +5V and 12V. My 5V reads around 5.5V, and my 12V has dipped to around 11.5V. Also, I am still able to run lighter games like League of Legends and Darkest Dungeon with no issues.

My PC specs
4690K (OC to 4.2GHz, with a corsair H100i cooler)
GTX 980 (factory OC to 1228MHz)
AsRock Z97 Extreme 3 Mobo
G.Skill Ares 2x8GB DDR3
Seasonic G-750 750W 80+ Gold

Sorry if I forgot some relevant information. Thank you for any advice you can give!
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    You should check the PSU voltage in the BIOS; the best is a DVM that could be connected while stress testing the GPU.
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