what should i prioritize in new gaming rig ?CPU , RAM OR GPU ?

So i am building a new pc, i have the mobo, psu,hdd , ram , gpu, cpu all figured out BUT , i also have room to pay premimum for one of the following :RAM , GPU OR CPU. So my options are the following
CPU Ryzen 1400 or pay 50euros more for ryzen 1600
RAM 2x4 ddr4 ram or pay the 50 more for 2x8 gb kit
GPU Any Rx580 4GB OR PAY 50 more for 8 GB Version, i live in greece so prices are different and fluctuate a lot with the gpu mining trend (ill be getting a freesync monitor so pls no 1060 suggestions :P ) ,also the mobo has 4 dimm slots so i wont be limiting myself to just 8
i want to play bdo and pubg mainly and any other new realease and old 2016 games that i didnt had a chance to experience. i dont render or use the pc for anything other than playing games mainly :D thank you <3
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    6 cores over 4 cores so Ryzen 1600
    8GB is sufficient for now but you can add later
    RX 480 4GB can handle 99% of game now in AAA
  2. thats what i was thinking too in the beginning , i just wasnt sure if its was the correct choice , anyway thank you <3
  3. RAM, 16gb and, it has to be on the motherboard QVL. CPU, pic the one to get the extra Vcores. GPU, extra Vram is always good, 4gb is ok but it really depends on your game choices. 8gb for $50 more is not a lot when you consider future proofing.

    Also, go with SSD and use HDD for storage.
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