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I'm looking for a case under $80 with good air flow and a lot of room. I will be using a Noctua NH‑D15 cpu cooler. I would prefer that the case has a built in slot for my harddrive and ssd and comes with case fans. Also, I want enough room to be able to liquid cool in the future. Thank you!
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    Lots of great cases but most will come with 2 fans, yet I suggest a minimum of 3 fans. I'd get a case and then choose a good quality high flow fan to add to the front of the case. Here are case suggestions to add a fan to.

    Phanteks P400
    Fractal Define S or C
  2. That's a tall order all for $80 and to be of decent quality. Without all fans included maybe, here's a list:,8157
    Check the cooler height yourself, and how many fans are present.
  3. The Fractal Design Define S is a good case. Comes with 2 good fans, spots for HDD and SSD plus lots of space for radiators and liquid cooling. Also an optional side window.
  4. I list the same case and no love?
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