What gtx 1070 Should i buy

I need help on finding a good gtx 1070
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    You can search HardOCP for "GTX1070", and compare results of 1070 reviews, specs, etc...; I'd be careful of going too high on GTX1070 searches, given occasional good deals to be found on GTX1080s...
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    where do you buy from? generally the cheapest of the decent series of cards, as they all perform the same
    to list a few:

    Asus Dual / Strix
    MSI Gaming
    Gigabyte G1 (/Windforce, it's a bit coil whine prone from what I've heard)
    Gainward Phoenix
    Palit Gamerock / (Super)Jetstream
    Inno3d iChill
    KFA² Galax EXOC
    Zotac AMP!
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