Looking for low budget good gaming cpu !

Hey guys ! I have bought a laptop which runs on amd a 10 7th gen 9600p and the company clocked it at 2.2 GHz without turbo boost boost ? Is it good for gaming ? What type of games can I run and can I do heavy gaming with it ?
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  1. Not particularly good for gaming. Can mostly squeeze out 2015 and earlier AAA games at very low settings, but it's unlikely games like Battlefield 1 or Far Cry Primal will be playable under any conditions. Best used for casual gaming, without a discrete GPU.
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    The 9600p does fine in everyday tasks, but seriously lacks in the gaming department. Because you cannot upgrade the graphics card on a laptop (otherwise really hard to do), you're stuck with an APU. Probably set most of your games to minimal settings, might not even hit the 60FPS mark.
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