What do you think about my pc changes?
This is my planned build so far but I will only have 200 dollars left over for a monitor (4K or 1440). What do you think about if I change the ssd to 500gb and get a cheaper motherboard. So that I can have around 500 dollars to buy a monitor with. Should I change the gpu? Anything helps, thanks in advance
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  1. what are you gonna use this computer for?
  2. ARICH5 said:
    what are you gonna use this computer for?

    Mostly gaming and vr (when I get one)
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    don't get the founder edition, the cooler sucks
    i think ryzen is the better choice at that kind of price, something like Ryzen 7 1700 (the mobo price should be cheaper too) / the 1700X if u're planning on using the water cooler
    for SSD it's not necessary to go with 1 TB, i personally rather use a SSD just to store my OS and basic stuff

    i'm suggesting the Ryzen just as a mean of saving up some extra cash for the monitor, on the 4k, u won't need the 7700k since u won't be pushing above 60 fps anyway, on 1440p, the difference between i7 7700k and R7 1700 is pretty near so it's a better choice imo
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