How hard is building setting up and installing drivers on a pc

In December for xmas my family is getting me pc parts I'm building it a couple of days earlier to get everything done but I'm wondering how long it will take to get everything done (first time builder) (I have all the parts selected)
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  1. Depends on how well you can follow the directions you'll inevitably look up, but it's essentially expensive Legos. As long as you don't force anything, you'll be fine.

    Time frame going from beginning to fully booted? I would guess it might take you about an hour and a half, but that's probably a poor guess. It doesn't account for troubleshooting, good cable management, etc
  2. I just built mine. Bought the parts over a few days and put it together over 2 or 3 days. First day I went to Microcenter I got a screen, Mobo and CPU, 2 days later I got the case m2, hdd and psu and did the setting up that day.

    Take your time. From the getgo have cable management in mind. You don't want cable clutter and if you take the time to do it in the very beginning, organizing as you go along, your computer will thank you in the way it looks and the way it cools.

    And just today I bought the cpu cooler, ram, disk drive, and a case fan. Still waiting on the GPU I want to be available so for now I just put in my old one.

    Excited to get it finished and closed up
  3. Well , for first time it may be time consuming but nothing to worry about... Tutorial videos while you are building may help also.
    full modular psu will help too ( in cable management etc) .
    After the build , the o/s and drivers is easier part ( just some mouse clicks ;p)
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    Building is as complicated as you make it. You could put one together for your first time probably within an hour or two, or it could take several hours with all the cable management. I only say an hour or two because sometimes all the small motherboard cables can be a pain to find out where to put them, I know I hate dealing with it. Than if your doing some cable management zip ties are very handy and maybe velcro straps if you feel the need for a pricier option.

    For the most part if it fits it goes there, and things are color coded in the back of the computer too. The only real annoying part is the small motherboard connections and thats mainly due to the small print and small connectors being close together so it can be a bit confusing but it's nothing complicated.

    Drivers are typically very easy, I install the OS and let Windows install the drivers for me. Now days that will work the vast majority of the time with no issue, if you need a driver because that didn't work go to the companies website and download it will work. Those two options will work 99.999% of the time, in very rare occasions you have to track down the driver by the actual hardware components inside it which gets far more complicated to do which I have only heard of people having to do online as I have never done so myself or personally known someone having to do.
  5. Ah i remember my 1st time. A good cable management is the hardest part! Can never get it good enough (in my case)

    As long as your parts are compatible its ezpz. Most drivers come on a disc or software that regularly updates with new drivers. Some cases you can find them online
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