Cpu stock amd cooler question and thermal paste question

So I'm new to this thing and I took my brackets off and put my stock cooler on my cpu and screwed it down without putting the 2 brackets back in it seems snug but am I suppose 2 have the brackets in between the cooler and you or something? I might add I took the cooler off for a couple mins then put it back on without reapplying new thermal paste. It was never turned on so I think the paste should be ok ...right? Help lol
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    The two brackets are AM3 brackets for AM3 compatible coolers.
    So you don't need them.
    take the cooler off with the paste on likely creates air bubbles that greatly hinder the heat transfer though, so you may or may not need to apply paste. Well not really need, the cooler will still work, but likely not as well, so you can expect slightly higher temps.
  2. Thanks. I just wanna get it done tbh. I've had mixed reviews but a friend told me to try it out see what the temp runs at then if need be takeout apart and clean reapply when I get some paste (small town gotta order it)
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